Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best techno of the year 2009, Lacrosse discounts

Best techno 2009

This is definitively NOT dubstep because you can simply tell that there is more treble more so than a low base line. Whats an easy way to tell what is and is not "dubstep"
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  1. i just burned a CD with a LOT of music posted in this blog to show my friends tonight, thank you men :D

  2. yehh this is not dubstep, still alright tho :)

  3. This is not bad but I still prefer dubstep.

  4. I was at a Suicide Techno night last night, it was way too hard!! +followed

  5. I liked it.
    Before I found your blog, I rarely if ever listened to this type of music. In many ways, you're an instructor into this genre for me!

  6. ahh, i can hear the difference.